Software Development

Business Applications/softwares have become integral to how we communicate, consume content and work. Apps run in our mobile and desktop operating environments, in the cloud, appliances and other hardware. They are also key to how major organizations manage their internal and consumer-facing operations

As applications grow in capability and, as a result, complexity, they become difficult to consistently maintain in terms of security and bug-fixes. For example, imagine a banking app that crashes in the middle of a payment. In the worst case scenario, this can put your entire business at risk, in a best-case scenario, it can consume valuable IT resources and drain operating budgets.

The success of any technology implementation lies with full adoption. Our rich set of reactive and proactive application and solution management services help you address these shortcomings. We provide services of enterprise application design, adoption and scalability to companies that need to outsource their enterprise application management processes.

Our Work Process

Calctech Innovations provides a range of services that play a critical role to the successful implementation of business automation applications, for both own and third party applications, including

  • Implementation or Set Up (commissioning).
  • Post implementation services, such as support, maintenance and version update
  • Functional and operational consultancy.
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Software installation